Klaviyo email: How to Increase Engagement and Revenue

Email marketing is about building a list and then sending engaging content to them regarding your products or services. It can be challenging to get website visitors to share their contact information. However, once they trust you, you will want them to stay engaged. This blog will explain why your email marketing efforts may not be producing the results you expected. We also discuss how Klaviyo’s extensive library of integrations and tools can help you reach those goals.

Database Maintenance

New email marketers make the common mistake of believing they must build a large mailing list before they can send any marketing emails. Marketers may feel they need to purchase contact information from websites that do not consent to selling their contact information. These options might seem appealing to some marketers, but the reality is that a large and uninterested mailing list is worse than a small one. Klaviyo’s database management tools are a great way to make sure your analytics data is accurate.

Unengaged Contacts

Unengaged contacts refer to those who are interested in your content but don’t find the information you share to be helpful or insightful. These contacts are typically engaged contacts who interact with your marketing efforts regularly and start out in your database as engagement contacts. Their engagement decreases over time and they become contacts in your database that can negatively impact your reporting.

To win back these contacts, you should enter them in a reengagement campaign that addresses their reasons for not being interested in your emails. These campaigns usually start with a personalized, but simple email asking the contact what they want more of in your communications. It is a great way for contacts to feel like your brand cares about them.

Contacts for those who are not interested

Uninterested contacts are those who do not want to see the content you share with them. You may have asked them to fill out a form to get access to specific content. However, once they view it, it is not relevant anymore. They won’t open your emails because they aren’t the right person.

These contacts will unsubscribe to your emails within three months of signing-up for your newsletter. It is best to remove these contacts from your mailing list to ensure they don’t receive any more emails. If they show any interest in your emails from the beginning, these contacts are good candidates for a yearly campaign of reengagement.

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Content creation

Your content may not be resonating well with your contacts for many reasons, even though they might be the right audience for your emails. Assess the reasons they aren’t engaging with your email and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Schedule and Subject Lines

Contacts may not interact with your content because of the time and day they receive your emails. Your target audience of young professionals is likely to overlook your emails if you send them at 9 AM on Monday mornings. If they do not pay attention to your email immediately, it is possible for them to navigate away.

Your subject line is the first thing a contact sees after receiving your email. To get them to open your email you need to convey to them that they are interested in the contents and want to interact with them. Imagine yourself as the recipient of this email in your inbox.

Klaviyo’s A/B testing feature allows email marketers to quickly test different subject lines. Each subject is sent to a predetermined set of contacts. You can imagine subject lines that will grab your contacts’ attention, rather than just summarizing your email.

User Experience

A user will navigate away from your content if they open your email but are overwhelmed by poor mobile experiences. Your target audience may determine that up to 75% might open your email from a mobile device.

Klaviyo lets users control how and when individual content blocks are displayed on mobile or desktop screens to create a fantastic mobile and desktop experience. You can ensure that all your contacts have a great experience by designing your emails to be readable on all devices.


Content Value

Sometimes, a contact may enter their data into your database and interact with the first email you send to them. Their engagement with your emails will decrease if they are not interested in the content. It is worth taking the time to evaluate which email content resonates with your contacts and understanding why.

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Customers love to hear about new products, sales events and birthday coupons. Your email content is the core of your message. If you don’t emphasize value, your subscribers may lose interest.

Klaviyo: Revitalize Your Strategy

The foundation of building a relationship with your contacts is to create an email marketing strategy, execute that strategy, analyze the results and adjust accordingly. Klaviyo is a great tool to help position your brand in the online landscape. You can pivot away from strategies that don’t work for you by having the tools you need at your fingertips.

Growing Your Database in Klaviyo

You will find that subscribers unsubscribe from your email lists over time. To grow your contact list, it is vital to keep bringing in new people. Contacts are most likely to enter your database through your website’s forms.


Klaviyo offers a wide range of CTA and form tools that can be embedded into your website. A brand may have a form that asks for first, last, and email addresses to be able to send you updates and other offers. In exchange for visitor’s contact information, some brands offer valuable content that is protected.

List Segmentation in Klaviyo

Once you have created a contact list that you wish to market to you can segment your contacts. To send highly customized content, you will need to divide your contact list into smaller lists. Klaviyo allows you to segment your contacts by using click through rates, open rate, and time spent looking at an email.

Klaviyo’s extensive integration library allows you to sync customer data into your Klaviyo database. If a customer purchases boots from a BigCommerce or Shopify store, they can be entered into a segmented list of customers who are interested in boots. This information can be used to infer that they have already bought winter boots and may be interested rain boots for the spring. This data can be combined to give you a better picture of your database and the content they will likely engage with.

Personalization in Klaviyo

To retain an engaged list, it is important to make your contacts feel valued and heard. Personalizing emails with contact information will make your contacts feel more connected and likely to respond to your emails.

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Klaviyo makes it possible to automatically populate contact information in email subject lines, descriptions, and content. Your contact will feel more personal if you address them by their name and not to a large group. Segmentation and these features will ensure that your viewers have an experience that is personalized to their needs.

Flows in Klaviyo

You may want to send a piece of content as soon as a new subscriber joins your database. This will confirm that they have provided their contact information. Although this can be done manually, it can be time-consuming and inefficient. This task can be accomplished without the need for manual input by Klaviyo’s automated flows.

These automation tasks can be accomplished using a set of tools Klaviyo created called flows. You can use workflows to ensure that new subscribers receive an email welcoming them when they join your database. You can then use conditional splits to designate additional actions depending on their engagement with the initial email.

Imagine a contact opening your welcome email immediately and engaging with a CTA. This information can be used to set up a Klaviyo value-based automation workflow that will send you a follow-up email the following day. When used with Klaviyo integrations, these workflows can also be triggered by user actions like making a purchase.

Analytics in Klaviyo

As we have already stated, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns in order to make improvements. Klaviyo provides email marketers with a comprehensive analytics dashboard which allows them to see detailed statistics on who opened what emails, and when. This information can be used to improve your click through and conversion rates over time by incorporating it into your workflows, subject lines, and segmented lists.


Do you need to give your email strategy a boost in the new year. Klaviyo’s experts can help you evaluate your current email marketing strategy and recommend new strategies that will increase your revenue (and results). To improve your email marketing results, contact one of our eCommerce professionals using the contact form.


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