51 The Best Customer & Client Appreciation Gifts to Build Genuine Connections and Show Your Care in 2022

51 The Best Customer & Client Appreciation Gifts to Build Genuine Connections and Show Your Care in 2022

Clients and customers make the business world spin.

Every customer interaction, regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation executive, is crucial.

Moreover, 73% of companies that provide a better customer experience than the average outperform their competition financially.

Your goal is to leave customers feeling happy about your company. For good reasons, businesses spend billions on customer satisfaction.

“There is only one boss, the customer. They can fire everyone in the company, starting with the chairman and going down by spending their money elsewhere.” — Sam Walton

Your company’s ability to build strong client and customer relationships will result in increased referral rates and customer retention.

There are many ways to show your gratitude and care. A handwritten note can still be effective, even in digital age, but client appreciation gifts are the best way to say thank you for trusting us with our business.

Check out our list of 51 greatest client and customer appreciation gifts for 2022.

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What are the Benefits of Customer Appreciation Gifts for Clients and Customers?

A customer or client may appreciate a gift of appreciation. There are many benefits. Some benefits are immediate while others will last for the long-term. An appreciation gift that is well-designed can make a lasting impression on clients and customers. It shows you care about their business and what you are looking forward to with them in the future.

The right gift will pay off for your company whether it is used once or over many years. It will strengthen your relationship with your client and build a positive working relationship that acknowledges both the hard work of both parties.

It is important to consider all aspects when deciding what kind of appreciation gift you should send. Consider whether the gift touches on any of these topics.

  • Memorable – People forget things, but they remember how you made them feel. Thank you gifts for appreciation are sure to bring back a positive feeling.
  • Unique – It’s crucial that gifts are original and not duplicated.
  • Useful Your clients and customers will be more delighted with these gifts if they improve their lives every day.
  • Quality – The best gifts will last longer and be appreciated more.
  • FUN Ideally, client appreciation gifts should be fun and useful. But sometimes, the fun gifts will leave a smile on customers’ and clients’ faces.
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Thank You Gifts for Clients and Customers

1) Self Heating Mug

For perfectly warm or cold drinks


The Smart Heating Mug allows customers and clients to set the ideal temperature for their beverages. This ensures that coffee, tea, and other beverages will always taste good. This client appreciation gift lets you know when it is ready and keeps it warm or cold for up to an hour.

Best for: Customers

Price: $115

Where can you find it? Self-Heating Mug


2) Care Package – Gift Of Gratitude

“A token to my appreciation…with chocolat”


The “Gift of Gratitude”, a care package that you can use to show your appreciation to a client or customer who has done a great job, is a way to say thanks and give them a variety of goodies they will love to try. This gift box is luxurious, with everything from the Kast Stone notebook to the handcrafted chocolates. Copper Cow’s “pour over” coffee packs will be a hit with your loved ones.

Best for: Customer

Price To get your personalized results, take this 60 second quiz

Where can you find it? Care Package for Gratitude


3) Fellowship Pack

“For making clients friends”


This custom-branded swag bag is ideal for creatives and hustlers. The Fellowship Pack includes a high-quality tumbler for travel, a merino-wool beanie to keep you warm at home or on the go, as well as light-blocking computer glasses. Rocketbook Everlast Executive is a digital paper-saving tool that can help you save paper. A custom mailer box will also be included!

Best for: Customers

Price: $92.05

Where can you find it? The Fellowship Pack


4) Unplugged box

“For untethered pleasure”


The Unplugged Box is about getting recharged, revitalized, and reenergized. The box includes nutritious and tasty snacks, an enamel mug, deck cards, rejuvenation activity, and even a gradient puzzle that will challenge you!

Best for: Customers

Prices: Starting at $25 + FREE Shipping

Where can you find it? Unplugged box


5) Winter Celebration

“For a cozy night in”


The token of appreciation gift includes a mug, chocolate, socks, and a mug. These items will help clients feel loved and relaxed. This set is a great way for clients to express their appreciation and also a great opportunity to promote your company. You’ll bring a smile to their faces by giving them a gift they can enjoy and use.

Best for: Customers

Price: $79

Where can you get it? Winter Celebration

Pro-tip: Give customers free samples or gift cards if they refer friends or family to your business.


Welcome Gifts for New Clients & Customers

6) Welcome Box

“A kickoff you won’t soon forget.”


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A thoughtfully designed gift box will welcome your client with style. The welcome box contains a mix of items that can be used at work and home. Tip: To add a personal touch, you can customize the products with your logo or that of your client.

Best for: Customers

Price To get your personalized results, take this 60 second quiz

Where can you find it? Welcome gift box


7) Lavender Bath + Body

“The ultimate expressions of gratitude”


This client thank you gift is perfect for self-care! This gift box includes a soap bar, a clay facial mask and steamer with lavender, as well as an organic coconut beeswax lipbalm, cotton eye mask and a card. Each item in this thank-you gift contains no preservatives, GMO-free and is completely handmade.

Best for: Customers

Price: $50

Where can you find it? Lavender Bath + Beauty


8) 32GB Apple iPad in Gold

“For super luxe”


The Apple iPad 32GB in Gold is the perfect laptop for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and super-employees. Clients will also love the close to 11-inch display, the Apple Pencil, smart keyboard, stereo speakers and 10+ hours of power.

Best for: Customers

Price: $379

Where can you find it? 32GB Apple iPad in Silver


9) Whiskey Cocktail Kit

“A drink for your best customers”



Your clients and customers will love to experience a whiskey tasting. This gift is for whiskey lovers who love cocktails. Each participant receives a tasting kit that contains five 1 oz bottles in the mail. The sessions last approximately 90 minutes. Sample bottles

Best for: Customer

Kit Price: $125

Where can you find it? Whiskey cocktail kit


10) Holiday Spirit in a Box

It’s the season


A curated gift basket filled with holiday spirit will give your customers something to look forward to this winter. This gift box contains festive snacks and gifts that will help you relax, warm up and enjoy the holidays in the best way possible. A unique gradient puzzle, JBL wireless speaker and a warm hoodie are included. You can also get silly patterned socks and a bottle of red if you feel adventurous.

Best for: Customers

Price To get your personalized results, take this 60 second quiz

Where can you get it? Holiday spirit in a box


Bonus: Private Massage

“For hands-on TLC”


This customized experience can be tailored to meet the needs of your clients. A Personal Massage is a way to thank your client for being a great client.

Best for: Customers

Price Talk to Blueboard for custom pricing

Where can you find it? Private Massage

Pro-tip: Offer new customers special discounts and freebies.


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Low-cost Gifts for Clients & Customers Under $25

11) Cookie Comfort Box

12 gourmet cookies from Granny Bella’s Bake Shop”


This cookie gift box will delight your client with its sweet treats. These delicious chocolate and snickerdoodle cookies will take your taste buds on a culinary adventure.

Best for: Customers

Price: $38

Where can you get it? Cookie Comfort Box


12) Magnetic Notebook

“For changing up things”


Customers can use this customer appreciation idea to arrange and reorganize their notes. Simply disconnect and reconnect the pages from the hardbound magnetic notebook. This notebook offers both digital and physical notes at their best. It can be edited as if it were digitized, but it is unhackable.

Best for: Customer

Prices:$12 to $450.5

Where can you find it? Magnetic Notebook


13) Holiday Cheer Box

“… And a Happy New Year!”



The Holiday Cheer Box is a seasonal collection of holiday-themed items that will help you show your appreciation. It captures the joy-filled wonder of the new year and gives you the opportunity to send some love. Whether customers and clients are enjoying the holiday treats, candle, campfire mug or specialty coffee from BLK & Bold, they will love the feeling of sharing a bit of holiday cheer.

Best for: Customers

Price Take this 60 second quiz for personalized results

Where can you get it? Holiday Cheer Box


14) Julep Cocktail recipe book

“For cocktails at home”


Julep Cocktail Recipe Book shows clients and customers how make an icy sweet Mint Julep in Southern style. This book is a great gift idea for cocktail lovers and contains 224 pages of delicious, refreshing alcoholic goodness.

Best for: Customer

Price: $25

Where can you find it? Julep Recipe Book


15) Petite & Perfect



Petite & Perfect offers a variety of delicious snacks and treats. This assortment includes a 2-pack triple chocolate brownies, buttery cookies, and a gourmet caramel chocolate bar.

Best for: Customer

Price: $25

Where can you find it? Perfect


16) Single Cup Club

“A small amount of coffee for a big batch of joy”


Each month, clients and customers will be gifted hand-picked cups artisan coffee. This customer appreciation gift includes a selection of dark, medium and light flavored coffees, along with three blends per month. The description also contains a detailed description.

Best for: Customer

Price $9.07/mo

Where can you find it? Single Cup Club

source https://snacknation.com/blog/customer-appreciation-gifts/

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