Klaviyo email: How to Increase Engagement and Revenue

Email marketing is about building a list and then sending engaging content to them regarding your products or services. It can be challenging to get website visitors to share their contact information. However, once they trust you, you will want them to stay engaged. This blog will explain why your email marketing efforts may not be producing […]

Wix and Shopify: Understanding their Features

Shopify vs Wix for eCommerce It is crucial to choose a reliable and scalable eCommerce platform in order to get started selling online. There are many platforms available, so it can be difficult to research all of them. This blog will discuss what you can expect from building an eCommerce shop with Shopify and Wix. Wix: Cloud-Based Development Platform […]

What to Look for in an eCommerce CMS

What is an eCommerce CMS? eCommerce CMS (or Content Management System) is software that gives eCommerce website owners control over their website, even if they have no technical knowledge. It means that website owners don’t need to hire expensive web developers for any website changes. Website owners can create, edit, and publish content to their websites. This […]

Mobile Payments Take Over eCommerce

Mobile Payments are the new way to purchase goods and services, online or in-store. It is expected that by 2025, 4.8 billion mobile payment users will use mobile payments to make purchases. This projection comes as millions of people start using mobile payments every year. The United States has experienced the greatest growth in mobile payments usage, […]