How to sell online: Top-Trending Products in Your Niche

How to sell online: Top-Trending Products in Your Niche

Your business’s core will be determined by the products you choose. These products will shape the look and feel of your brand, as well as your sales and marketing plans. This guide will help you choose the best products for your online shop, regardless of whether you already have an idea.

01. Begin with your Audience

Let’s take one thing away from this guide: Listen to your customers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Based on their age, gender and interests, discover what motivates them.

Think like your customers

  • What are their biggest pain points?
  • What are their priorities?
  • Which do they prefer: desktop or mobile?
  • Which social networks do they use and why?

Check out the best online magazines that are relevant to your audience. What topics are covered by these magazines? Get data-driven information from New York Magazine‘s The Strategist. Their product roundups reflect the needs of your customers. To find the best products for selling online, check out the featured items.

Learn more about your niche market:

  • Fitness and Wellness: Shape, Health, SELF
  • Fashion and beauty: Vogue, Glamour, GQ
  • Technology and gaming: VentureBeat, Wired, PC Gamer
  • Art and design: Wallpaper* Foam, T

02. Discover the Latest Products

Once you have started to think like your customers, it is time to look for trending products that can help you increase sales. The key is be early. To stay ahead of the upcoming trends, do your research. Look out for products that are unique and profitable, especially in light of viral trends.

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Keep an eye out for new trends in the top industry magazines online. These magazines publish in real time, so you can find products right away.

Trends can also be learned as they develop. You can also scan trending topics on social media to check Google trends to find out what people are searching for and talking about. Be aware that buying habits vary by region. You can filter Google Trends by your location to get the best data.

For valuable insight, explore large eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay. Take a look at the top selling products and most popular products. To analyze niche product demand, you can also use tools such as Algopix. You will be able to identify trends that can also help you make money online.

03. Fill a Market Need

The best products are those that directly address a customer’s needs. These niche products are popular with enthusiasts such as bandages for avid gamers and chlorine-proof hair dyes for swimmers.

Enthusiasts make up a small segment with unique advantages. Targeted research will help you better understand your customers’ needs. These insights will allow you to create a niche product that addresses a specific audience’s need. These data will help you plan your marketing (think email lists, Google Ads, and Google SEO).

The theory goes that a bigger audience equals more sales. But niche products have proven to be profitable.

Choosing a niche product

To see what others are doing wrong, check out online reviews for niche products. YouTube reviews tend to be more detailed than other reviews. For more information on the product, read the comments.

These points should be noted in reviews

  • Who is the product most appealing to?
  • What are customers most interested in?
  • What are the most important aspects?
  • Do you know of any accessories that could make the product even better?

Take advantage of the strengths of your competition and come up with new ideas. You should identify with your niche market. You’re a passionate soccer fan for many years and now is your chance to make unique cleats. You will be motivated and skilled to help you navigate the industry, no matter what product or service you choose.

To get more inspiration for innovation, check out the Kickstarter most viewed lists. You can learn to identify the problems that each product solves. This backpack is a great solution for those who are always on the move. Try to solve similar problems with your product.

04. Factor in Profit

You want products that will generate sales. These are some practical questions you should consider:

Do you want to create your own product?

You can sell handmade products like necklaces and soaps online. You’ll be in control of the quality. Crafting your own products takes time and effort. You need to consider how much inventory you will need and how many you can sell. Are you likely to compete with large brands and their private labels products? You might need to reconsider if you are focusing on the right product in your niche.

How do you choose a product for manufacturing?

If you are using an outside manufacturer, ensure that you get a return on investment (or ROI). Sites like Omni Calculator and JungleScout can help you estimate your profit margins. When you have found a product that is worth selling, allow for two to three months manufacturing.

Which product will be shipped best?

Selling online is different from selling in a physical store. You must ship the products to your customers. This can be complicated when shipping products across borders and internationally. Consider packaging and shipping when choosing product materials.

These are the types of materials that ship well

  • Non-fragile
  • Few moving parts
  • You can work without batteries or magnets

05. Niche Products to Sell by 2022

You want to sell niche products? To avoid fulfillment costs and risk, consider manufacturing your own trendy products or starting dropshipping.

Find out more about dropshipping by reading our guide: How To Start A Dropshipping Business

9 niche product ideas to be sold in 2022.

Reusable Items for Home

Consumers are shifting their purchasing habits as plastic waste grows. Participate in the sustainable product revolution and get more than just good karma. 66% of shoppers spend more money on brands that are mission-driven. You can sell reusable versions for everyday products like water bottles, soap dispensers, and straws.

Accessories for Phones

The most popular online products for mobile tech accessories is the iPhone. Tech accessories are always in high demand, whether it’s because people lose them or just want to change the scenery. You can sell practical accessories such as chargers and lightning jacks, fashion tech such as phone cases, or music tech such Bluetooth headphones.

Fitness Apparel

Luxury activewear is expected to grow to $83B by 2020. Your online shop should be stocked with beautiful, high-quality athleisure pieces and exercise equipment. Selling clothing that customers will love to wear during their body-sculpting sessions to brunch is a great way to make a profit.

Thrift Store Clothing

Vintage fashion is on the rise. Shoppers will have a better experience when they use filters and categories to organize their shopping than in-person thrifting. You can find clothing in your closet, or at secondhand shops around your local area.

Blue Light Blocking glasses

Digital screens emit blue light which can adversely affect vision and sleep. Many are looking for blue-light blocking glasses because of the increased screen time. To make it easier for the eyes, you can sell the lenses in fashionable frames.

Team Merch

Students love representing their universities and sports fans love to support their teams. You can sell hats, jerseys and tumblers with team colors and insignia. Concentrate on one market such as Florida college football teams or Florida sports teams.

Toys and Gear for Kids

Children, from babies to school-aged children, need a variety of niche products. Parents are always looking for practical products such as baby carriers or onesies. You could also sell toys and clever bibs for children.

Pet Products

Pet parents are just as enthusiastic as those who have children. Pets require a lot of care. You can sell products for pets such as beds, dog jackets, or treats. You can also sell pet owners products such as jewelry and apparel.

Next Step: Make Your Online Store

Make sure you do thorough market research before selling anything. Once you have decided what you want to sell online, it’s time to build your online shop.


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