Get Shopify Product Recommendation emails that are supercharged

Get Shopify Product Recommendation emails that are supercharged

This article will show you how to get the best out of your Shopify product recommendations emails. It will help transform a disappointing experience into one that improves engagement and converts.

Shopify Product Recommendation emails, explained

Shopify retailers will be able to send up to 2,500 monthly for free starting October 2020. It’s $1 per 1,000 after that.

Some only see 2,500 emails. We see 2,500 opportunities for you to increase conversion, engage customers and keep them coming back long after they have made a purchase.

We are the only Commerce Experience Platform for Shopify+ and have worked with many Shopify brands to transform regular shopping interactions into dynamic experiences. Email is no exception.

Spam emails can be a real pain. Email marketing that is data-driven and tailored to your customers’ interests will provide you with something that’s more valuable than the rest. Shopify can use customer data to power product recommendations emails. This is useful for anyone who is unsure whether they are a first-time customer, an old customer, or someone who hasn’t bought in a while.


What are the benefits?

Generic emails, which don’t include any product information or history specific to the recipient’s browsing history or previous purchases, are more likely to get marked as spam. You can expect to see an average 20% rise in conversion if you send personalized email.

Shopify’s product recommendation emails can also increase customer engagement. Re-targeting is a great way to engage with customers who aren’t actively shopping for a product.

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Shopify Emails: Best Practices for Product Recommendations

These are just a few of the many strategies that can transform your email into a constant source for engagement and conversion.

1. Emails from abandoned carts

Many retailers consider an abandoned cart a dead end in their customer journey. However, there are ways to make them sell.

The good news is thatshoppers have at least indicated some form purchase intent. Abandoned cart emails can be used to help shoppers in both situations. They remind customers of items that they have not yet purchased but placed in their shopping cart.

Send an automated abandoned cart email to shoppers who have left items behind. Then, remind them by sending a friendly reminder.

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2. Shopify Order Confirmation Emails

A fun fact:Customers tend to visit websites 3-5 times before they complete a purchase. They click on many product pages and may even place items in their baskets that they don’t buy.

Invoice emails from Shopify are prime real estate for personalized recommendations. These recommendations will keep the journey moving even after the customer makes a purchase. They also remind customers about all the great things about your brand.

Order confirmation emails can be used to increase cross-selling. They allow you to engage customers with complementary products, such as a travel bag that goes with your new camera or a handbag to match the style/color of your outfit.



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3. Social proof is a great way to prove your worth

All of us make decisions at some point based on the influence of our peers. This is especially true when it comes to ecommerce. When we browse products that we don’t know or can’t decide whether we like them, we see how a fellow customer uses them.

This is called the concept of social proof. It’s used in the psychology to increase FOMO (or ‘fear or missing out’) and persuade customers to buy.

  • Add product reviews and ratings to your recommendations
  • To increase the desireability of products, use labels such as “Best Sellers” or “Popular Now”.
  • You can incorporate photos from other shoppers who have used the product (Instagram photos provide social proof that is easy to find)

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4. Emails to “Thank you”

Businesses that provide exceptional customer service are what customers love the most.

Businesses that send customers an email within a few days of delivery to thank them for shopping and ask about their experience are more likely have loyal customers.

A ‘Thank You’ email does not have to be onlythat.

To keep the conversation going, include product recommendations that are similar to those in your invoice email. Your behavioral data will tell you what shoppers like. Use it to recommend products they will love, from new product launches by their favorite brands to similar items from a previous purchase.


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