eCommerce Design Trends To Expect In 2021

Many businesses needed to make the transition from brick-and mortar to eCommerce by 2020. Brands that were not yet selling online needed to adapt to these circumstances.

Consumers were forced to change their shopping habits in 2020, just like businesses. Consumer shopping habits will change in 2021 due to a decline in in-store shopping and an increase online shopping.

This blog shares eCommerce design trends to help online shops implement strategic strategies that will improve user experience and convert more customers into customers.

eCommerce Design Trends to Watch Out For

This blog will share eCommerce design trends that you should be paying attention to in 2021. This is not an exhaustive list. What may work for one company does not necessarily work for another.

Consider the website design principles your business values, and strategize how you can align these eCommerce design trends with your strategy.

  1. Images of dynamic products
  2. Dark mode
  3. Chatbots with advanced features
  4. Interactive shopping experiences
  5. Combining photos with graphics

Dynamic Product Images

High-quality product photography can be appreciated by shoppers. However, consumers today prefer to see the products in action before they make a purchase decision. To fully show the product’s features, you can use videos or animated images like GIFs or animations.

Use dynamic product images on your website’s landing pages, home pages, and product pages. It could improve your product page conversion, so don’t be afraid of trying it. To avoid overwhelming your visitors, you should not use them too often on landing pages.

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Mode Dark

Dark Mode allows users to see their apps and smartphones in darker colors, which can help reduce eye strain. It was launched by Google in 2019 and has been adopted by other social media platforms.

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Dark mode is typically turned on when there is no light in the room. iPhone users have the option to turn dark mode off at any time, and can leave it on all day.

Many eCommerce store owners dislike the look of their website in dark mode. However, it is almost impossible to control what your audience prefers to see content.

Google Chrome automatically switches to dark mode. It is important to optimize your eCommerce design in order to make your website look appealing in dark mode.

Advanced chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as chatbots, are not new to eCommerce. Chatbots are now able to guide buyers through their buying journey. You don’t have to believe me. Take a look at the image below.


The chatbot allows customers to book appointments for unique services at their preferred time and date. You can personalize the user’s experience by creating a chatbot that is based on specific actions. But don’t send too many messages at once or irrelevant messages to overwhelm your audience.

Interactive Shopping Experience

Online shopping is not the same as buying in-store. Customers can’t see and feel the product before they buy. Customers can now see the item in virtual and augmented reality.

Your eCommerce website can offer interactive ads with augmented Reality much like Snapchat. This functionality can be used on product pages to help shoppers have a better understanding and set of expectations.

Combining photographs with graphics

We expect to see more of this combination of photographs and graphics in 2021. This strategy is the most creative of all the eCommerce design trends.

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This is a great design strategy that works for all eCommerce verticals. These graphic elements can be used to enhance or express a company’s brand identity. Canva can be used to create unique graphics and images.


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